JHIA Founder

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ. the twenty-ninth Superior General of the Society of Jesus (1928-2016), personally puts the seal of the new library at Hekima College c.1986

Emperor Haile Salassie with Lucien Matte SJ. (at right), one of the founders of the University College of Addis Ababa in 1951

Pedro Arrupe SJ. the twenty-eighth Superior General of the Society of Jesus with Gabriel Barakana SJ. (1914-1999) (First Jesuit from Burundi) at Lycée du Saint Esprit, Bujumbura on 1st January 1966

Twenty-Five Years in the Service of Ethiopia Lucien Matte SJ. (1907-1975) with the His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. c.1948

Mananara River, Ambiatibe – A place still dear to pilgrims the spot where James Berthieu’s, Martyr of Madagascar (1838-1896) mutilated body was cast into river

The first Jesuits to arrive in Central Africa in March 6, 1893. R to L – F. de Sadeleer, P. Dumnnt, F. Lombardi, R.P. Vanhencxthoven, F. Gilet, P. Liagre, P. de Meulemeester

Agustin Mathieu SJ. taking his final vows in Baro in 1949

The First Director of JHIA, Festo Mkenda SJ. in the Special Collection room at the Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa

An act of Faith at Silveira House – His Lordship Bishop Patrick Chapaipa, Auxiliary Bishop of Salisbury, Rhodesia, at Silveira House c.1973

From L to R – Crispin Mukiay SJ. Richard Tambwe SJ. Pascal Rumb SJ. newly ordained priests on July 19th 2009 at Kimwenza in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Workshop for Archivists of the Society in Africa and Madagascar (March 3-5, 2020)

Cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga and Very Rev Kolvenbach SJ. at Hekima Univesity College during the inauguration of the new School of Theology c.1986

Very Rev Adolfo Nicolás SJ. in Bukavu (Democratic Republic of Congo) on 27 July 2009 by Rev. Ntima Nkanza SJ.the Provincial of Central Africa Province, after his participation in the Congress of Alumni of the Society in Bujumbura

Cardinal Alexander Maria dos Santos with Father Cyril Mateus SJ. Provincial, visits the Jesuit parish of Formento in Matola c. 1993

Chioma Nwosu, the chaplain at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, administers the Sacrament of Baptism c. 2012

Jesuits in Rwanda and Burundi 50yrs – Bishop Habiyambere Alexis SJ ordains two young Jesuits Adelite Rukomangana (R), and Jean Baptiste Mazarati (L) c. 2003

First Rwandese Jesuits – L to R: Jean Gasenge, SJ, Chrysologue Mahame, SJ, Patrick Gahizi, SJ, Octave Uguirashebuja, SJ, Augustin Karekezi, SJ, Alexis Habyaimbere, SJ

Two Jesuit Brothers R to L Emile Gampari and Ignatius Atiko c.1970

The academic building of the new Hekima University College School of Theology in Nairobi in 1986

The Chapel at the Arrupe School of Philosophy and Theology in Harare

Boroma – Mozambique 100 years of evangelization – the old residence and high school c.1986

At the symposium of the Episcopal Conferences of Africa and of Madagascar, held at Abidjan (Ivory Coast), August 22, 1970) the Very Rev Pedro Arrupe SJ. reading his address at Abidjan

Meeting of Major Superiors of Africa in Lusaka, 1970

Novices celebrate St. Ignatius Day with Father Leo Amani Masawe SJ. Director of Novices c.1993

Pilgrimage by a group of Jesuits to Malindi in Kenya where there is a sixteenth century chapel dedicated to St. Francis Xavier in memory of his landing there in 1542

President Nyerere of Tanzania in friendly conversation with Carlito De Souza SJ. c.1970

The construction of the new Ocer Campion College in Gulu, Uganda, one of the most recent achievements of the Jesuits of East Africa c.2012

Standing, from left: Aghadi, Michael Onu (ANW); Amani Masawe, Leo (AOR); Okwuidegbe, Samuel (ANW); lbhakewanlan, John-Okoria (ANW); Drasiga, Simon (AOR); Luyembe, Sosthenes (AOR); Odiaka, Jude (ANW). Squatting (from left): Razafindrazanaka, Louis de Gonzague (MDG); Mkenda, Festo (AOR); Ohure, John Chachu (AOR). Picture was taken in Malindi on October 23rd 2010, during a Pilgrimage by a group of Jesuits to Malindi in Kenya where there is a sixteenth-century chapel dedicated to St. Francis Xavier in memory of his landing there in 1542