Le Départ

DEPARTURELe Départ, by Ghislain Tshikendwa Matadi, SJ. (Paris: Jets d'Encre, 2018), 156 pages. ISBN: 978-2-35523-031-8.

The Inner Journey, Wise and Profound, of a Young African in Search of Himself

Since childhood, Mileno has dreamed of approaching elephants. Lweji, his adoptive father, told him many stories about these fearsome and majestic creatures, hunting and encounter stories, adventures that Mileno would like to live himself. But time passes, Mileno is growing and other priorities are replacing his childhood dreams. Yet, deep in his heart, the hope of meeting an elephant remains. But is it really the majestic animal that Mileno wishes to find? Would not the Elephant's quest have a different meaning?

In this novel, a real appeal to both physical and internal travel, Ghislain Tshikendwa Matadi trains his character (personage) in a human and spiritual journey, nourished by meetings and experiences, which reminds us that it is by searching for the essential that we can blossom and live fully this life.