A Short Investigation of the Catholic Church

A Short Investigation of the Catholic ChurchA Short Investigation of the Catholic Church: From the Council of Jerusalem to the Council of Trent, by Ignatius M. Zvarevashe, S.J. (Gweru: Mambo Press, 2016), xx + 298 pages. ISBN: 978-0-86922-886-9.

This book is about walking along with the Church, examining concisely and critically its history, theology and spirituality from its apostolic foundation to the Council of Trent. This historical and theological treatise is concerned mainly with the behaviour, discipline and doctrine of the Church as it passed through different periods of history. The author endeavours to show how, where and why the Church deviated and strayed from the right path. Without whitewashing the stigmas of the dark side of the history of the Church, he lets facts speak for themselves, especially on the questions of inquisition, heresies and heretics, and the Reformation. (Adapted from the book’s synopsis)