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JHIA Financial Appeal

As a faith-based charitable institute seeking to preserve memory and promote historical knowledge, the Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa appeals to the support of friends, benefactors and well-wishers for the financing of its operations. It is with such support that it pursues its four-fold mission and ultimately realizes its vision of creating in Africa an environment that is conducive for primary research in Jesuit studies and in the histories, cultures and religions of the people of Africa and Madagascar. The JHIA solicits funds for four specific purposes: recurrent expenses, research projects, acquisitions, and long-term construction plans.

I. Annual recurrent expenses

The total cost of sustaining the current operations of the JHIA for one year is US $ 150,000.00. Most of this amount goes to shipping freely-donated books and documents from Europe and elsewhere in the world to Nairobi, Kenya (about 29.8%); paying salaries for four full-time staff and fees for professional consultation (about 21.4%); maintaining temporary premises together with covering general overheads (about 13.65%); initiating and promoting targeted research (about 13.3%); organizing, restoring and preserving acquired material, including accessibility services to readers (about 10.7%).

II. Research projects

Besides making records available to individual researchers, the JHIA actively engages in targeted research. In this way, the institute deepens the study of those areas that are of particular interest to its vision and mission. Such specific projects do not come directly under the JHIA's recurrent budget and thus are implemented only after separate funding has been secured for them. To view some projects that are currently underway, please click here.

III. Acquisitions

The JHIA's main target is to obtain through free donations old books and documents that touch on Jesuit studies and on histories, cultures and religions of Africa, including Islam. There is, however, material of great interest to the institute that cannot be obtained for free. For example, we would wish to purchase the copy of Antonio do Coucto's catechism, Gentilis Angollæ in fidei mysteriis eruditus: Opusculum Reginæ Fidelissimæ Mariæ I jussu denuo excussum (Lisboa: Typographia Regia, 1784) which is currently on sale in the United States, but the price of $ 1,680.00 is beyond the institute's means. We seek funds specifically to acquire such material. Moreover, to turn the JHIA into the compelling Africa research destination that its vision implies, we need to acquire an enormous amount of new books and subscribe to journals that cover our subject areas. We are currently completing a comprehensive wish list of such material, for which we are also making a special appeal for funding. Please click here to see our current wish list.

IV. Long-term plans and permanent premises for JHIA

Currently the JHIA operates in a small space that was initially designed as classrooms. In the long run, the space is insufficient and unsuitable for a research institute that holds a significant amount of rare books and archival records in need of professional storage and care. Additionally, the very success of the JHIA shows that, in about five more years, there will be need for more office space, more professionally designed storage facilities, and a bigger reading area. There has also been suggestion that, in the future, a museum of African religious art be attached to the JHIA, together with other facilities that might generate an income for the institute's sustenance. We intend to use the JHIA's first five-year experience to design appropriate long-term structures, for which we shall also seek funding from friends, benefactors and well-wishers.

We appreciate and value any financial donation made for the pursuit of the JHIA's mission and for the ultimate realization of its vision. To make a donation to the JHIA, kindly make a donation via PayPal.

Or you may also seek further details from the Director of JHIA (email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). We say SHUKRAN-ASANTE-MERCI-DANKE-OBRIGADO-GRACIAS-THANK YOU in advance!


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