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Friends of JHIA

JHIA is anchored on the faith-inspired and time-proven Jesuit tradition of research in the humanities. Yet JHIA is also envisaged as a broad coalition for the preservation of memory and the promotion historical knowledge in Africa and Madagascar. The day-to-day execution of JHIA's mission depends entirely on the support of other institutions and individuals who, seeing its relevance, choose to play an active role in this enterprise. Friends of JHIA are persons who have committed themselves to supporting the mission of JHIA on a long-term basis. They do this through their time, ideas and resources.

Possibilities for collaboration are endless. In fact, often it is our friends who define the nature of their partnership with us. Some have committed themselves to soliciting relevant books and documents on our behalf. Others have simply made it their duty to recommend JHIA to potential partners and supporters and to inform the JHIA staff about existing opportunities. Still others have sustained interest in the development of JHIA from its very beginning, keeping themselves informed about the institute and providing valuable proposals for the step-by-step implementation of its long-term vision. Some people have made financial donations to JHIA, and it is on such that the day-to-day running of the Institute as well as its future growth depend. Finally, a few more have volunteered with JHIA, mainly assisting in the processes of cataloguing our growing collection and of determining its potential usefulness to researchers.

All Friends of JHIA may subscribe to a free JHIA Quarterly Progress Report, join a Friends of JHIA Forum on which they can discuss the enterprise with other friends, and directly request more specific and privileged information about the project.

We look forward to building an even broader and stronger network of supportive friends who share our vision. We request those who wish to make a sustained commitment to our course to fill a friends' form on paper or online and return it to us for endorsement. If filled on paper, the form can be returned to us by post or as a scanned text via the email. We will respond with more details of privileged contact and any other necessary information.

To download a "pdf" copy of the friends' form, please click hereor fill the friends' online form below. For more information, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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