What is the status of JHIA now?

Were it not for its long-term vision, the project's enormity would have blocked its launch. Yet, as the Kiswahili proverb goes, haba na haba hujaza kibaba (small bits fill up the measuring bowl). To begin with, the Jesuits have put together their little resources to ensure that this initiative takes off. Firstly, they have assigned to the project three of their able historians. Moreover, the project currently enjoys the services of two full time and two part-time staff.

Secondly, they have made available to the nascent Historical Institute an entire floor in the building of their Hekima Institute of Peace Studiesand International Relations in Nairobi, Kenya, as a temporary home for its operations. They have also designated a piece of land in their possession as the Institute's permanent location in the future. Thirdly, a huge collection of relevant publications from their central library in Rome has been shipped to Nairobi to ensure that the Institute has a decent collection to begin with.