JHIA Joins RefoRC

ReforcDuring its meeting of May 2015, the Board of RefoRC accepted the Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa (JHIA) as member of ReforRC. This is in addition to the JHIA’s membership of Refo500. RefoRC is a Research Consortium and an academic arm of Refo500, which connects academics and supports them in research activities by bringing those Refo500 partners together that focus on interconfessional, interdisciplinary and international research.

The JHIA is extremely excited about this recognition and new place in the global research community. In the context of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, the JHIA is keenly interested in ensuring that the lasting impact the 16th century events in Europe had on the second and third waves of evangelization in Africa are not lost to global scholarship. To advance this aim, the JHIA is closely collaborating with the Institute of Advanced Jesuit Studies, Boston College, to organize an international conference on the “Encounters Between Jesuits and Protestants in Africa”, which will take place in June/July 2016 (see more details here). In the same vein, the JHIA is considering plans for a broader conference on “Encounters between Catholics and Protestants in Africa” for June/July 2017, aiming to explore more generally the implications of the Reformation for the evangelization of the African continent.

The JHIA is set to exploit the collaborative opportunities within RefoRC to understand the extent to which Africa was and is still being influenced by the Reformation and its aftermath.